How to Make Men Feel More Appreciated

Everyone wants to be appreciated even for the littlest of things. It can be just a simple hug or a simple thank you. The simplest appreciation can make a huge difference. And it does the same to any relationships.

When it comes to partnerships in relationships, men and women have different views and meanings of appreciation. Women tend to need to be appreciated more than men. So what happens is men are almost always out of the picture if it’s all about per need basis. But that was long ago. In fact, it’s not really the case even then. Men need appreciation from their partner too. If you are struggling on how to appreciate the man of your life more, we made a guide just for you.

1. Warm them up

A warm welcome back home, kiss, hug, or even a smile – any of this have always worked. He can be stressed at work, or having a family dilemma, or anything. You don’t know when he is having a stressful day. So warm him up every day. Warming him up in bed won’t likewise hurt. Women tend to be distant as well because of work commitments, especially social media. But women need to give men time and attention just like they would do for them, and warm them up especially when they need the most.

2. Say the words

Actions speak louder than words, they say. But we say, say it just as much as you would do it. If you’re thankful to him, tell him so. Can’t say it to him face to face? Write a letter, not a text. Men also appreciate it if women brag about them with their friends. They will feel proud about the things they did for you and about themselves as well like they’re doing the right thing.

3. Taking part in what they love

Whether it be a documentary, a series, a movie franchise, or a game on the TV, men always appreciate it if you take part in watching it with them and actually listening and watching, and not being on the phone while on the couch. If your man is a gamer, watch him play his games and try to learn from him. If he’s into sports, go to his games. He will appreciate it more than you might know.

4. Feed them good

Don’t just feed them with whatever you think will suffice their hunger, or what will be the easiest thing for you to prepare or buy. Men appreciate good food. And by good food, we mean home cooked. Or at least something that he has always ordered. Even if you don’t like his food choices, set aside your indifference and give him what he likes best. If he has a favorite food his parents cook for him, try getting the recipe and prepare it for him. You’ll see the spark in his eyes the moment he knows what he’s about to eat.

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